Loch Duart Salmon Welfare

Loch Duart is an independent salmon farm based in NW Scotland. Founded in 1999, the company set out with a simple objective – to produce Scottish salmon of the finest quality, with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We have won numerous awards – for quality, environmental responsibility and exports, including the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. We work in a ‘new’ industry which is still developing but threatened with more regulation and opposition than it needs or deserves. Two thirds of our world is ocean and future populations will increasingly depend on aquaculture for essential protein supply. People should support the best environmental and welfare practices in fish farming and back their practitioners.

We farm some of Scotland’s oldest and best sea sites and have developed and maintained a set of principles about how best to farm.

Our principles are mostly based on observation of our salmon and on designing our farm around them, not vice versa.

Our people are vital to this and, coming from every walk of life and diverse places, we share a commitment to the welfare of the fish in our care.

The overall objective is to create as natural a life-cycle for Loch Duart salmon as possible and here the skill and experience of our people makes a major difference. Good husbandry requires attitude and dedication as well as sound techniques.